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As an iPod Touch user without an iPhone or iPad, it’s easy to feel like the stepchild who is there but not given as much attention love, either by Apple or by iOS fans. If you use an iPod Touch and wonder what you’ll get this fall when iOS 6 is released, here’s the breakdown, in order of how excited I am about them (Hopefully you have a 4th gen iPod Touch. Anything earlier won’t be getting any of this.):

UPDATE: You have to read the fine print, which I missed on a few items below. I’ve updated the post to reflect what the footnotes on the bottom of Apple’s iOS 6 preview page say.

What iPod Touch 4th gen will get:

    • Do Not Disturb to temporarily turn off notifications. You still have to go into Settings to enable it, but at least it’s there.
    • Better social network integration:
    • -Tap to Tweet & Tap to post on Facebook in Notification Center
      -Contacts will integrate with Facebook friends.
      -Post photos to Twitter & Facebook right from the Camera Roll
      -It will be nice to share to Faceook without opening the clunky FB app.
      -Meh: Like buttons for apps and songs.
    • Better media integration into email messages.
  • Swipe down to refresh email and check for new messages.
  • Photo & video uploading from Camera Roll within Safari.
  • Fullscreen Safri webpage viewing, only in landscape.
  • New Maps app, but iPod Touch will not include turn-by-turn directions or flyover.
  • Improved stores (AppStore, iTunes)
  • Lost Mode, that places a phone number for someone who finds your device to call you.
  • Passbook app. This app collects all of your tickets, gift cards, and loyalty cards in one place. I don’t go to a lot of ticketed events or fly a lot, so I’d mostly use this for gift cards. Somewhat helpful. It doesn’t really bother me to open an app when I need it. This app will likely go on the last home screen on my iPod Touch.
  • Accessiblity update. I’m assuming all of the accessibility options will work for the iPod Touch. I don’t have any need for them, but it’ll be nice for those who do.
  • Extra functions in Find My Friends. I’ve never used this app, and isn’t as helpful on the iPod Touch.

What iPod Touch 4g won’t get:

  • Shared Photo Streams, with comments and notifications:
    • -This would be useful if I had a bunch of friends & family on iOS, but most of the people I know use Android. This could be cool if I ever taught in an iPad equipped classroom.
      -Web albums would be very cool, especially since they can be shared with people without Apple IDs. 
  • VIP folder in Email app, including SMS-like notifications for messages from people in your VIP list.
  • Siri, sadly. I’m not sure why.
  • Flyover and Turn by Turn in Maps.
  • FaceTime over cellular, obviously.
  • Upgraded Reading List in Safari that caches webpages, not just links.

What I wish the iPod Touch could do:

  • iPhoto
  • Voice calls over native Phone app via VOIP.
  • Flyover and Turn by Turn in Maps via caching.
  • Siri

See more about what’s coming to iOS 6 on Apple’s website.